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I have a Mak, Bersa, a PPK/S, and a Sig P232. My favorite and the only one I've ever carried is the Sig. I shoot it very well, it points naturally, is very reliable and it is the lightest of the bunch. A very high quality pistol. CT makes a laser for this model.

The Mak is OK, maybe a bit too simple. It's only flaws were the tiny sights and weight.

The Bersa is a great idea executed poorly. The quality just isn't there. Sights are good, ergos are OK but it's heavier than the Sig by a bunch. CT makes a laser for this model.

The PPK is a fine pistol, very small and compact with no major flaws. My personal experience is with a PPK/S and again, only the weight is the deciding factor. CT makes a laser for this model.

I have no experience, other than fondling, with the FEG or P64, neither of which attracted me enough to buy.
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