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I agree with the suggestions of the 5-seven, you won't belive how easy it is to shoot at twice the distances you shoot your other handguns... & also the Contenders ( but be aware, the "tenders" are an addiction, once you go there )... but change barrels from 17 caliber to 45-70 in many many different & unique chamberings... they were originally used for shilloette & are very accurate & fun to shoot

one of my most versitile revolvers is a S&W 610 that in stock form shoots 40 S&W & 10mm ( mines also been chambered for 10mm Magnum ) it took 3 times back to S&W, before the gun was safe to shoot when bought new but now it's a super sweet, & fun shooter 10 Mag is about the same as a 41 Magnum, but in stock form, the 10mm is pleasant to shoot, & the 40 S&W seems like shooting a much smaller caliber

the Coonan is an interesting suggestion, as is the PMR-30 ( I have a PMR-30 on my shopping list for Christmas )

another thing you could do, is add some non convetional accessories... I have group ( 22 Ruger, CZ-75, & series 70 1911 ) that have had slide pull knobs & dot sights added, just for range use, ( they certainly aren't tactical with the slide pull knobs ) but this group are certainly fun to shoot
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