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Never had a squib load get the bullet stuck in the forcing cone have ya?

Revolvers are not jam proof.
I never said that revolvers don't jam. A squib is a squib...a squib can just as easily happen in a semi-auto as a revolver and is just as dangerous.

Like I said before, a revolver is less affected by feed jams or ejection issues. Revolvers are not affected by one's grip. The revolver isn't reliant upon recoil momentum to function properly. A semi-auto's reliability is also dependent upon the good condition of the magazine that is inserted into it...a revolver doesn't have that problem. And a revolver is not affected by reduced size as can happen with the semi-auto.
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I think that one of the notions common to the anti-gunner is the idea that being a victim is 'noble'; as if it is better to be noble in your suffering than disruptive in your own defense.
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