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I do not see where Rodriguez being a Veteran is particularly relavent.

Williams has a right to his bumper sticker.

If Williams was otherwise minding his own business(we do not know)and if Rodriguez approached him aggressively and initiated shoving(we do not know)

well,then it may not be clear.I do not feel a person has to take a beat down over a bumper sticker,and,if some one is pushing you,when do they hit you?

This story is not clear and specific enough to say whether the firearm was justified.It does have the spin the gun was not justified,but,who knows?

While I do not have personal experience in Albuquerque,by reputation,its a place that may put a man on the defensive edge,perhaps a somewhat hostile environment?No offense intended,but I have had conversations with folks who were telling me of Albuquerque experiences.
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