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338-06 is too close to either the 30-06 or the 338 Win Mag ( since I handload ) IMO, to invest in a rifle in that caliber... 257 Roberts is too close to the 25-06 I already have... 7-30 is too close to the 7 X 57 that I already have... I have several 45-70's, just not one that fits in the bolt action rack... that or a 458 Win Mag, would go nicely under the 416... 303 & 7.62 X 54 are both too close to the '06 IMO, & I have another rack for "milsurps", & have a X54R in that rack... to go into this rack, the rifle would need to be "sporterized" my 7 X 57 is a sporterized Mauser likely done up in the 70's ???

I sat & looked at the rifles last night while I was sealing the inside of the ammo storage bench under these rifle racks, & right now I'm leaning towards 35 Whelen & 458 Win Mag... but still open for suggestions
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