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The frustrating part isn’t the prohibition against carry inside the Post Office, but the fact that you cannot even have a gun in your car on their property. So, it isn’t matter of leaving a gun in the car, but having to leave it at home.
They have to power to disarm you when you leave your home and going to the post office. Thats is just not right, another violation of the 2nd. What if you get car jacked, robbed or worse on the the way to and from ? You are on your own ? I can see not bring a gun in the post office but you should have the right to leave it in your vehicle while you run in. This is like another form of gun control, isn't it ? What next a law saying you cannot CC while driving a vehicle because of the drive by shooting in the ghetto ?
The 2nd amendment is being limited more and more soon there will be no where you can CC. The 2nd amendment says the right to keep and bear arms, it does not say anything about except where the government says you can't.
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