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I'm not trying to talk you out of the 65. Depends on your intended use. For me, even with my Ruger that will shoot anything, I shoot mostly .38 due to cost. If you're gonna be shooting more .357 and don't want to be limited to 158 grain, the 65 might not be the way to go. if you reload, you can load some very mild .357 that will never hurt a 65.. And the 65 is no longer made, either, and S&W has no more barrels for them in case you do split the cone, which is unlikely, but it HAS happened. The reason I trust the Ruger is that even if something goes wrong, Ruger will keep the gun and sell me a new GP for nearly half the cost. If weight is not an issue, I would get a 3" GP100. They already come with Houge's and are hailed as the toughest .357 out there.

If you can get an excellent 65 for $500, I would say that is a good deal.
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