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Mak/P-64/FEG versus Bersa, Sig 232, PPK. Exclude prices.

As I'm seeking a first handgun among this selection, and might not ever acquire the CCW permit (except for the car), could you offer your comparisons if familiar with at least some of these? Other gun types won't be considered.The CZ-82 is a bit thick for the options, and I'm well aware of 9mm vs 9x18 versus .380 debates. Not interested at all.

Three friends carry the P-64, trust their reliability, and like the size/weight. All three middle-aged friends have been around various guns for many years.
One friend literally never leaves his home without the P-64, even sitting on the porch.

If you could compare one of these east European designs with the Argen. or at least one of these German types, but Only in terms of reliability, durability and plinking or "carry" safety of operation, how would you rank them? If they all were the same price and James Bond had never had the PPK etc?

I've fired about twenty rds. from the P-64 and don't mind the very heavy DA pull (has no Wolff springs), and have spent literally about eight-twelve hours here and in hotel Bus. Centers reading opinions/evals about these various guns...

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