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The Colt 45 ACP, is prone to stove pipes, and has a low capacity, is heavy, and old fashioned.

I shot the old clunker in bulls eye competition, carried the light weight Commander for a while, my match pistol was built in 1913, accurized by Al Dynon? Think that's how he spelt his name, and ten round big hole's at 20 yds was not uncommon.

The old saying that the Chief picks the weapons, and the grunts have to make them work holds true a lot of the time.

Take the picking of a new car? The first part of this expensive endeavor, is what is most important to you! If No 1, must be great on gas, the fact that it wouldn't pull the skin off a rice pudding, was missed.

History of armed encounters is quite often not even looked at.

My Glock 19 4th Gen Pistol was picked, and altered, to be accurate, it is hi capacity, conceals well.

It fits three rolls--- 1/ concealed carry, 2/ Security, G licensed work, 3/ IDPA Competition. And you are not going to wear it out in a hurry.

Well I could go on, but you most likely got the message, and yes, the overall tone of this thread has been well mannered, and interesting.
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