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As a general rule pre 72 sakos had one of the "L" actions. I have a heavy barrel wide forearm Sako varminter in .222. Stamped just after the serial number on the left side of the action is "L-461"

I also have an older Sako sporter in .243 and it is stamped "L-579" in the same location.

To add some to the confusion, I have a pre vixen L-46 .222 with detachable magazine and it is referred to as a Sako Riihimaki and is stamped as such.

I believe the "A" designation, as in A-1, A-II, and A-III are generally action length indicators that included some changes from the "L" actions.

I would assume that if your action is not stamped with an L-461 and is stamped A-1 then that is what it is.
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