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Brand New AK Owner with Questions

At a recent gun show I picked up a WASR 10/63 AK, and got it for a good price to.

I didn't go looking for an AK, I was looking for a Mini-14, but it seems like every show I go to the price of AKs seems to go up about $25 or a little more. I got tired of the price always going up so I picked one up before it goes up any further.

I have read a few things online saying the WASR 10/63s are junk (front sight cantered, mags not fitting, and cheap wood were the most common complaints) but except for wood that seem kinda like laminate everything seems to be in order. I took it home and gave it a thorough cleaning and checked to make sure nothing was obviously out of whack and it seems ok.

I know I'm gonna regret asking this but I already want to look into modifying it some, a new stock (either synthetic or nice walnut) is first on the list.

Any other ideas or suggestions?

Sorry for the bad photos, they were taken with a phone.

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