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Most Versatile Shot Size in 20 Gauge Single Shot?

Alright, so I recently acquired a 20 gauge single shot with a modified choke. Apparently, these things have taught new shooters/taken countless game. As a new shotgunner, I figured, why not? The thing is, I know a single shot has weaknesses in the field, but honestly, I'd love the challenge of hunting with one, but not before some clay practice. I bought a couple different loads off CTD. Some #3 Buckshot (biggest 20ga buck they had), some Federal slugs (just for screwing around), and 20ga Remington Game Load 7/8 .oz #7.5 shot. Are Remington Game loads any good btw? There were no reviews. They were fairly cheap, so I went for them.

I probably jumped the gun on the 7.5 shot because it seems like a lot of people think that #6 shot is probably the best overall birdshot. I mean of course I'll find a way to use the #7.5 for smaller birds, etc, but I'd like to be hunting pheasant, possibly grouse, etc. If I'm buying ammo again, should I just go for #6? Thanks!
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