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Oh come off it, not everybody is looking to kill you, life itself is a gamble, and I prefer to have none of the above happen.
I'm sure that everyone feels exactly the same--they would prefer neither one happen.

But that wasn't what I was responding to. I was responding to your comment that you would rather encounter a criminal breaking into your house than to come home to find it had been broken into in your absence.

I certainly don't believe everyone is looking to kill me, but I do believe that confronting a criminal carries a lot more risk than being somewhere else while they're committing a crime. In fact, I can't imagine that anyone could argue logically against that assertion.
How about a person breaks in for some quick cash or belongings, meets a pointed gun and runs like hell?
If I were guaranteed that I would be able to pick exactly how it goes down, that would change things. If I could magically insure that the person would run the instant he saw me, I'd take that option over a break-in while I was gone. Since there's no way to insure that, I'll still chose to avoid the encounter if given the choice.
I'll be willing to bet there's a lot more of that going on than that which makes the news.
Sure, I'll bet there is too. But it doesn't always go like that, and I'm not willing to bet my life that my encounter would play out like that. If given the choice I'd simply avoid the encounter altogether.
Personally, I've been a victim of theft and burglary too often to be one of those that comes home to a house askew and says "thank God we weren't home, lets call the insurance company so we can get back a third of our stuff!"
I understand what you're saying. Personally, I feel differently.
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