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This is the issue (as I explained previous in this thread):

The main culprit in your saga is that the ramp leading UP to the tooth of the ratchet is cut perpendicular to the face of the Kirst cylinder. This causes the hand to "stack" as it tries to push the cylinder forward as it turns the cylinder (has to do with the curved slot in the frame). Walt Kirst was over here a time or two ago and I pointed this out to him and he agrees that it needs to be addressed in future manufacture. I ALWAYS round this ramp with a dremel to ensure smooth cocking all the way through the hammer stoke and I assure you that I have not done a single conversion on a Walker or Dragoon that didn't need this.

I sure hope that your Smith is kind to you on the price as he will correct the issue in about 10 minutes with a sanding drum on a dremel.........
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