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hot bore PIO change in weatherby?

hello all,
I have no idea why I am just getting bothered by this now but about a month ago I was sighting in my 300 weatherby vanguard to get ready for elk season and had serious POI changes between hot and cold bore. now this is not a question about it walking an inch in the other direction after 5 shots. the first shot was hitting straight inline and 2 inches high at 100 yards, just where I want it but after that very first shot it was hitting directly center bullseye. leaving the bore for a good 15-25 minutes cooled it enough that the first shots were predictably hitting SUB MOA groups 2 inches high but the hot bore shots all dropped a full 2 inches and landing just at MOA.

is this normal for first gen vanguards or is my rifle just wonky?
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