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Concealed carry is not really an option or else I would say Glock. I used to be a Sig snob for a long time before I converted to the Dark Side. I love my plastic fantastic and I don't really care if it stays pristine.

Since Concealed carry is out, I recommend you consider going upscale. Please do not take that as an insult. You have some nice guns there, but try going semi-custom. If you are happy with your Kimber and STI, a Les Baer, Ed Brown, or Wilson Combat will knock your socks off.

If you want some variety, I would recommend the H&K P7M8. They are getting pretty pricy, but you can go with the PSP which is usually a little cheaper. They triggers are amazing and they are extremely accurate, especially for a compact gun.

Everyone who has shot my Les Baer Thunder Ranch Special absolutely LOVES that gun. It makes everyone look like a good shot and it is such a pleasure to shoot. It has an incredible clean trigger and the gun is built super tight.

For a point of reference, here is what I own:

.22 LR Browning Buck Mark (Standard but swapped to the 5.5" full Bull Barrel)
.32 Beretta Tom Cat (pocket gun)
.357 Ruger GP 100 (6" Stainless)
9mm Glock 26
9mm Kahr PM9
9mm Kahr MK9 (weighed so dang much I bought the PM9)
9mm H&K P7M8
9mm Sig P210-6 (I couldn't bring myself to shoot the 50th Anniversary Edition)
9mm Sig P210 (50th Anniversary Edition)
.40 S&W Sig P229
.40 S&W STI Edge
.45 Les Baer Thunder Ranch Special
.223 Colt AR-15 HBAR
.223 Smith and Wesson M&P Sport
30-06 Sako 75 Synthetic
12 GA Remington 870 Marine Coat 20"
12 GA Beretta A400 Unico Synthetic

I was thinking of adding a .44 Mag Revolver or possible a Desert Eagle with interchangable barrels, but I don't want to deal with additional cartridges. Besides, ammo is EXPENSIVE for those guns. I had a Sig P245 (compact .45 ACP) but I couldn't shoot it worth a darn. I shoot my Sig P229 very well, but I could not group worth a darn with the P245. I have thought of getting a 1911 in 10mm but ammo is pretty pricey on that too. I think I have more than enough for now. My wife certainly thinks so!
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