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Thank you!

I'm surprised at the low price tag for the Ruger Security/Speed Sixes. I saw a Speed Six in good shape listed locally but no price attached. I guess offering $350 wouldn't be insulting? I REALLY wish that S&W 65-3 was capable of a steady diet of .357. I like having a gun that is more powerful than what I need because I don't believe in spending what money I have on something with limited capabilities, even if I'm not going to use it to its fullest extent that much (like my STG-58 FAL, which is easily capable of digesting .308 but I tend to feed it 7.62 NATO due to cost). I love the look of the 65-3 and the 3" barrel but I guess it'll either be the Speed or Security Six since they're so robust.

Also, thank you for recommending the GP100. I'm not opposed to toting a heavier piece if it means more reliability. Honestly, the only reason I haven't committed to carrying the 5906 is b/c I'm 5'7" 165 lbs and I think it would be hard to conceal carry the 5906. I would trust that gun about as much as any revolver ever made, by the way. It is the only pistol I have ever fired that has never EVER jammed in any way. Truly an outstanding firearm, especially for the money. If I could a way to conceal carry it, I probably wouldn't even worry about getting a conceal carry revolver. If I can find a GP100 for a decent price, I'd jump on it.

The only thing that bugs me about the Security and Speed Sixes is that on the off chance that something DOES break Ruger probably won't be able to fix it. I see parts for them listed on Brownells (thank you for the recommend on Lewis Lead Remover, by the way. I will get some of that for my 629-4 Mountain Gun) but the slightly bobbed hammer on the blued Security Six bums me out. I like a nice fat hammer to be able to "Play" with it in my down time and get used to the gun. The Security Six also looks pretty cool. Nice and high like an old Webley or something. Still, the barrel profile on that S&W 65 is very robust looking. Sleek and sexy. Small wood grips though. I like the Hogues on my 629 and would probably replace.

So $500 for an excellent condition 65-3 is a decent price?
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