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All right, since you like 1911s, and you also have .357 revolvers, I'm going to throw one at you:

Do some research on the Coonan .357 Mag auto pistol. It is based on a 1911, but the handgrip is about 1/4" longer front-to-rear. The trigger is hinged, instead of linear like a true 1911, but aside from that the similarities are many and the differences are few.

Except that it can fire .357 Mag rounds.

There are old Coonans, made in the mid-80s...and then went out of business. A new company bought the rights to use the name and the design, and started production a bit over a year ago.

If you were into handloading, I might say 10mm 1911...but the brass is pricey (and you won't find any laying on the ground at your local range).
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