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New Beretta A400 Unico inbound!!!

I friend of my father is going to be taking me duck hunting in a few weeks. We were talking about the gear I should get and what stuff to avoid. I am usually not one to over buy on gear and be equipment dependant. I try to build up the quality of my equipment as my skill goes up. I looked around at my local Bass Pro and saw a few semi-auto shotguns as low as $400. The sales person recommended Franchi and told me that it is made by Benelli. The problem was they didn't have any in stock and did not know when they were getting any.

To make a long story short, the guy who is taking me duck hunting recommended a Beretta Urika. I was watching one on Gunbroker but I missed the bid. I started looking around some more and ended up getting a new Beretta A400 Unico with the KO recoil system for under $1400. The retail on this gun is over $1700! I figure if I get a good gun to start with, I won't need to upgrade. I guess that is how I am going to justify it to myself anyways.

What do you guys think of this gun and how did I do price wise?
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