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I don't like your plan, mainly because you are visible from a long distance if you face the door squarely as your arrow indicates. If the bg has to come to your room, . . . make him also have to look for you, . . . make him search, don't just be the first thing he sees.

For myself, . . . I would probably put a full length mirror on that bedroom door, . . . on the outside.

I would then prepare to make my stand from the farthest corner of that room, probably crouched behind the bed, . . . looking down the hallway via the mirror.

A dowel rod hanging on hook eye behind the door, . . . with a hook and loop in the back of the door, . . . cut the right length, . . . will prop the door to the perfect angle, . . . you set it as you get ready for bed each night, and sleep with the door open enough to see the mirror.

You are in a darkened room, . . . with 1 or 2 night lights in the living room, he couldn't see you if he had to, . . . yet he is perfectly silhouetted in the mirror.

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