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I would guess that the serial number cannot go back to an FFL delivered weapon... Or it is, in fact, a firearm...

In Florida, a firearm carried in the vehicle MUST NOT be visible to avoid freaking out the general public...

Back in the late 70's or VERY early 80's my dad had an 18 wheeler in a movie and at a post production party or 3 he met several C&W singer stars... I think it was Waylon Jennings who had a Cadillac Seville custom... Stretched hood/front section so the thing was a 2 seater (driver/pass. seats were where back seat once was... he had a revolver as a shifter and claimed it had a threaded barrel and was not only operational but kept loaded...

This was before all these star5s cleaned up their lives disavowing drugs etc. so it may have no truth but that is what was said and it was a Yexas registered car...

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