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Unfortunately the answer is hard to know. The reason none of the SR powders are in QuickLOAD's database is the author says the burn rates have varied too much over the years for him to feel comfortable with publishing powder files for them. So, if you have a slow lot, you might be OK, but it's impossible to be at all certain.

Lyman #49 shows 3.8 grains of 700X starting to 4.2 grains maximum for 125 grain JHP bullets. For 90 grain JHP's it has 3.6 to 4.5 grains. The wider range is probably to cover light target loads. Lead bullet loads do go higher, to 5.1 grains in that manual.

In any event, it does sound like your loads may be on the warm side for the bullets you have. Whether or not you could fire them safely depends on a number of factors ranging from specific lot burn rate to how well your barrel supports the cases, and also whether or not the primer unseats them before the powder gets fully burning, and then how long your throat is once they get shifting forward like that.

I think the best advice, since those fast powders can get peaky pretty fast when overloaded, is to pull them.
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