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Help with 700x and 9mm

Hello all, new here, but not to reloading.

I used to shoot in a trap league and reloaded a lot of shotshells using 700x. I moved and have not done any shotgunning in about 4 years due to a lack of a place to shoot, but I still do a lot of rifle shooting at an indoor range and recently started pistol shooting.

I have a large amount of 700x left over from my shotgun days I would like to use up (probably 4 pounds or so) The only pistol I own is a XDM in 9mm.

I looked up loads in an old Sierra manual I had and based on the loads there loaded 50 rounds of 90 grain metal jacked hollow points using 4.7 grains of 700X (the min load for a 90 grain bullet) and 50 rounds of 5.1 gn. I have some heavier bullets to load next, the Sierra manual didn't have any loads listed for 125 grain, and my newer Sierra manual doesn't have any loads using 700x. I went to Hodgdon's website and say that their loads for a 90 grain GDHP are 4.1 min and 4.5 max.

I am concerned about the rounds I loaded. I saw another posting and now wonder if the second edition Sierra manual I got the loads from were meant for lead bullets. I am concerned my loads are too hot.

Do I need to pull the bullets and reload the cases with a lighter charge, or can I use these?

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