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My apartment layout, my plan, critisisms?

Hey all, I'm going to attach a picture (home made) of my apartment layout, It shows the layout of my apartment and my home defense plan. It is incredibly simple because it is a small apartment and I'm limited in my space.

I would like any constructive criticism you would like to provide.

A few notes:
I would probably go the ''Stay in my safe room'' method for a few reasons.
1) I believe in the element of surprise. IMO, most badguys do not run around with their weapon shouldered and ready to fire.

2) I live in NY where the Stand your ground / castle doctrine is a little more shakey than other states. I would much prefer to blast said intruder if they are undoubtedly and clearly inside the home than shoot them while they are trying to climb in the front window (which some gun owners have done- Can one really ID a badguy vs a locked out roomate given that scenario? YMMV)

Given the apt I believe there are little to no other options, but some of you are much more ''tactical'' than I, and I appreciate all opinions.

PS- Given that I would probably hunker into my room with the door shut, the ''alley of pain'' may be null and void, but I think it'd be a decent angle to shoot from inside my room (If I had my door open).

PPS- 2 points if you can find my guard cat

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