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Love it. Give the story....
First off, thanks for all the kind words from everyone and for letting me share my experience. It was last Friday morning. I was setting up on a pile of big round bales; probably about 14' off the ground. The stand was in a pasture about 40 yards from the edge of a wooded area. A little after 7 am, I saw three deer, several hundred yards out, moving towards me. As luck would have it this guy ended up walking 28 yards in front of me. It was too good to pass up. He heard me cock the gun and I knew I had to act fast. I got my shot off with no problem. I dropped the hammer and could see the shot was pretty good (couple of inches high). It took out both lungs, but the bullet didn't expand much. He ran 157 yards across the pasture and into a wooded area. I gave him about 40 minutes and blood trailed him to the edge of the woods with a buddy of mine. He was piled up just a few yards into the woods. That was a pretty good day. I highly recommend the Ruger Hunter series. I also have a Single Six Hunter, which is even more accurate than the big brother. The 45 Hunter will average just under 2" for 5 shot groups at 50 yards; the Single Six Hunter averages a hair over 1.25" for 5 shots at 50 yards. This is obviously scoped and from sandbags. Anyhow, they are great guns.
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