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Weight is not an issue for me. Will be hunting for deer and they use small huts they have built to hunt.
That's not uncommon. It's also nice to still hunt when the conditions permit. So trust me; don't buy a heavy rifle for hunting. Buy a hunting rifle--something at the lighter end of the spectrum.

You're looking at a rifle that's 10lbs, unloaded, before you even get a scope on it... That's a lot. You'd be hard pressed to find something much heavier in fact. It's also really spendy for a deer rifle.

I vote for a Model 70 or 700 (both are great rifles). You can get it scoped, buy a .22 to practice with and quite a bit of ammo for both and still be under the MSRP for that AR.

I'd stick with the more vanilla calibers. Personally, I'd also avoid a detachable magazine. All it adds is the opportunity to leave something very important on a kitchen table or in the pocket of the wrong jacket.

Practice with the 22 first. Use a heavy coat and good hearing protection when you start shooting your deer rifle.

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