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Originally Posted by SilverBulletZ06 View Post
En banc is a strong play though.

You can delay CA2 decision and wait for a possibly friendly CA7 decision to head into SCOTUS with more backing.

No. There is no point to en banc proceedings. The state would do en banc, we would not for obvious reasons.

Every day in the states that don't allow carry or ration the right, good people are being attacked, murdered, raped, kidnapped & tortured by criminals who know that citizens cannot effectively fight back. The population of those states is 100 million people.

This isn't merely about strategic presentation. It's about saving the mothers, fathers, children & your wife/husband from harm.

Loss by criminal is by far the most haunting & the most damaging to the survivors of death by criminal. I've dealt with people who are inconsolable, & who are merely waiting to die so they can join who they love.

This is why I fight so hard to help Californians & other victims of laws that were passed before they were ever born.

Originally Posted by Jim March View Post
Yeah, but you risk one of "our five" keeling over if you wait another year for a carry case.

I think Gura is trying for summer 2013.
Alan Kachalsky announced this already. Prediction: orals in April, decision last day of June 2013.
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