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I own an SR9C and have alot of experience with the M&P9c. The SR9C has a better trigger than the M&P9C which is the reason I got it but if I could have done it over I would go with the M&P. The SR9C grip feels thin and is lacking compared to the rest of the gun and throws off the balance for me. The fit and finish wasn't perfect either, I had to drift the front sight since it was way off, far enough where I am surprised I left the factory that way. I also had to smooth some rough spots out on the underside of the slide. To get the gun to my liking I filed off part of the loaded chamber indicator so it doesn't stick out nearly as far, and I took the awful unfinished look off the barrel hood and polished it to match the rest of the barrel. I also removed the magazine disconnect which only took about a minute though so kudos to Ruger for that. Then to finish it off since I think the extended grip floor plates for the SR9C look awful and there are no after market available so I chopped off probably an 1/8 of an inch and reshaped it.

Now that's not to say the SR9C is a bad gun. I have about 800 rounds through mine with zero failures. The gun is very accurate for it's size and recoil is mild. I rarely carry it anymore so I am giving a buddy of mine a good deal on it since it will be his first gun.
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