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Sporterized M1917 history.

I have a professionally sporterized Winchester Model of 1917 that came out of an estate in Maryland about 3 years ago. It appears to have been done in the 1960's but that's just a guess. It is nearly identical to a Remington Model 30 or 720 in appearance and I believe it is in an older Fajen stock. I really wasn't too interested in it's history until I came across photos of 2 identical M1917's on the internet, identical to the point I thought they were pics of mine. Up to that point it was just a nice .30-06 but now it may have some "history" beyond it's military service. I'm guessing mine was done for a sporting goods retailer as a part of a larger group all done to the same specs, not that it would make it valuable but I'm curious about it's past now.

Does anyone have any knowledge of any retailers having done this? I believe it would have been an East Coast company as the other two I came across were on the Eastern Seaboard and mine came from the same area. I've been told by a collector it's only worth about $100 since it's been sporterized but I disagree. Maybe it's no longer a good "collectible" but it's still a DARN nice shooter! This is no "Bubba" gun, this was done by a pro who obviously took great pride in his work. Having been in quality assurance for nearly 35 years I can appreciate the detail he put into this. I'm not too hopeful of finding out it's "pedigree' but I figured it was worth a try.
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