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DNS ... I just don't follow the logic of offering me more in trade in an attempt to get me to spend more on something else.

I understand how an emotional buyer can get swept away in new gun/car/whatever fever and make a bad decision when the "deal" appears better than it is.

It appears to me that we are looking at this from two differing vantage points. I'm looking at it as a potential buyer and you are viewing from a potential seller's point of view.

In your scenario ... advantage seller.

Like I said, I would just prefer something a little more honest and upfront. No inflation of anything ... just FMV and let's make medicine.

Ah, but you DO have two prices depending on your emotional attachment.
Why yes ... with emotional attachment, I probably wouldn't want to sell. It would take a heckuva deal to turn it loose.

I have an old, well worn, beat up Winchester 30-30 lever action that I learned to shoot with my dad. I've seen them at shows for $300 ... I wouldn't take $3000 for it.

So in that regard ... I do have two prices.
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