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Never hurts to question "established truths" once in a while...

Poline--For target rounds, I can't see that you're doing anything wrong, with your not trimming, not cleaning primer pockets, and not chamfering.

On the chamfering--this is pistol rounds, now, with lead bullets--I'll go you one further: I never chamfer, inside or out. If a case gets trimmed, the belling then removes the sharp edge on the inside, and the crimping removes the sharp edge on the outside. So why bother doing the extra steps with a chamfer tool?

Can't imagine carbide dies being hurt by a little case lube; it'll make things go a bit smoother but no other effect, IMX.

I used to assiduously clean primer pockets, until learning that those paragons of accuracy, benchrest shooters, usually don't do that. So much for one more fussy reloading step! If EVER a case with a primer pocket that's so dirty the new primer won't seat properly comes up (none such so far, pistol, rifle, or shotgun!) I'd just scrap that one case.

So there you have it, one shooter's answers. Doubtless there will be others.
God Bless America

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