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Any company can turn out a lemon every once in a while. I have a Dillon Square Deal B and a Dillon XL650. I have never had an issue with the XL650. When I got the Square Deal B, I reloaded 100 rounds on it without problems. Then set up for the next 100 (refill the primer feed with primers), the primers would not feed automatically. Got on the phone with Dillon, they walk me through several trouble shooting steps and could not get it to work. They sent me a new primer feed system to put on it, the primers would still not feed automatically. So Dillon sent me a whole new press with a prepaid return label for the defective press. The replacement press has worked flawlessly for 1000's of rounds.

When it comes to dealing with Dillon,Hornady, or RCBS, I would not hesitate to buy their equipment as I have had great experiences with those companies customer support. That's what I'm after and what you pay the premium prices for.
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