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Originally Posted by pnac
Above is last line of article, I quoted it because that is exactly what has been stated by others on this forum (and GOA) and been poo-pooed by the so called "experts" here. Who's correct?
Keep in mind that the latter part of the article is quoting the mouthpiece for the Brady Bunch. The whole point of Sen. Coburn's bill was that nobody should be labelled mentally incompetent and deprived of a fundamental constitutional right without a hearing before a competent judicial authority.

Think about it: What does the question on the Form 4473 ask? "Have you ever been adjudicated mentally defective or have you been committed to a mental institution?" The VA submits names to the FBI, to be placed on the list of prohibited persons, without either an adjudication or a commitment. That's beyond what the law calls for ... and that's the problem.
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