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New Toy

Bond. James Bond...'s gun.

From age 6 to about age 15 (I'm 23 now), every summer, my sister and I would spend several weeks with my grandparents from my mother's side. Almost invariably, during those several weeks, at least a full day would be devoted to nothing but James Bond movies. Even then I knew I wanted "the James Bond Gun" some day.

After I enlisted, I began thinking more "practically" (in my head, at least) in terms of firearms, and my handgun purchases have been mostly service weapons, i.e. Sig Sauer P228, Glocks, etc. My dream of owning a PPK was pushed aside.

About a year ago, I ran across a S&W stainless PPK/S at my LGS. It was the first time I had actually seen a PPK or PPK/S in person (I was ignorant of the difference at the time...I actually thought the S in PPK/S just meant Stainless!) I nearly bought it, but for some reason something stayed my checkbook, and I left empty-handed.

Fast forward a year...I saw the new James Bond, and yet again that dream resurfaced. Decided, on a whim, to stop by that same LGS on my way home from work last week. Lo and behold, there in the case, was one of the most beautiful firearms I had ever seen. A blued Interarms PPK/S in .380 ACP. It was in near-perfect condition, clean, with minimal finish wear, original box and papers (no test target).

I actually had the funds available, plus a trade-in consisting of a rarely-fired Ruger New Vaquero, and I finally owned my dream handgun.

A few posts on the Walther forums and some research would seem to indicate this particular pistol was manufactured between 1980 and it's at least 8 years older than I am, if not more...

The good:
-accuracy was good, no fte's

The bad:
-two ftf's, the top round didnt strip from the mag into the chamber.
-while shooting one handed, it dropped each of my two mags once. Any fixes for this?
- the safety engaged due to recoil twice...around round 70 and again at round 130.

The ugly
-Ended the night with safety jamming in the off position. Soaked it in clp and gave it a good cleaning, and it's back to normal...

To be fair, all indications seem to indicate this was someones safe queen for the past 25+ years, so I was mentally prepared for much worse...
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