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Need Urgent help with Cobray M11 hammer not going back.

Ok. Here is the deal. A close friend of mine has a Cobray M11 9mm to take to the range. It was shooting fine for the first 60 rounds. Then after that. It started having major problems.
Ok. What happen is it shoots the first round fine. Extracts the shell and cycles another round into the chamber. But I guess the the bolt does not pull the hammer back because the trigger does not feel like it is cocked. I cant pull the bolt back to extract the chambered round because the hammer is forward in the down position instead of cocked back. I have to take the upper off to get the round out and pull the hammer back manually. Clean and did a thorough inspection of all parts not noticing anything out the ordinary. But then again. This isn't my pistol. I have repeated this scenario over 10 times with the same results afterwards. Stumped.

Called friend and he said it never happened to him before and he had know idea what it could be. He said don't give it back until I get it fixed. Anyone with this pistol have this problem before. What do you guys think the problem is? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am stumped.
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