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I sold mine like new (literally only missing the original box or I could've legitimately said NIB) two years ago for $375--or a few more than what I had in it--w/o much problem. A little more patience may yield more. That probably doesn't help much but, and I'm away from your post to recall your condition, but if also like new I'd say $375-$400 and you're doing as well as you can expect, with a quick sale range of $325-365 or so. It's another one of those things where 25 will pass it up saying it's too much and they can do much better on a 10-22 that they can get parts/service for, but (the new Chiappas notwithstanding) it's kind of a unique bugger that--other than the angled mag shape --is a pretty close cosmetic clone of the M1 Carbine....and all it'll take is the one or few who are enamored by the gun....And IIRC my two factory mags were 10 rounders--maybe 12 max? Never heard of a 15 round Erma 22 but I'm also no expert on them.
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