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I had one in black with a rail and it was an excellent gun for the money. I only put about 600 rounds through it but as soon as I upgraded to McCormick mags it fed fine, no hiccups if fed good 230gr FMJ. I never tried using anything other than FMJ however. It was very accurate, FAR outshot my brothers Rock Island Tactical, shot as well as my buddy's Colt and nearly as good as my Springfield.

My biggest beef is that it was UGLY. The slide looks like a Taurus billboard, the serrations on the right side of the slide were significantly shallower than those on the right, and the rail extends so far down that it is difficult to find a carry holster it will fit in.

I bought it new in 2010 for $575 and sold it back in March for $450, the new owner is a buddy in my platoon and he says it hasn't jammed on him yet after an additional 500 rounds.
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