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I wasnt saying the trapper was in the right, he should run the line every day as I did when I trapped. That dont make letting the dog run right either.

A neighbor just moved in the rental bout 3 years ago. I was in and out doing stuff and heard a dog barking, well after 3 hours I went into a building I have and found the neighbors dog, had my cat backed up in the corner. I swept the dog with a broom shooing it out the door. Darn thing turned and growled baring its teeth at me. I told it best leave now or Im gonna kill you. Neighbor was 1/4 mile down the road in hios front yard heard me and started cussing at me was gonna whup me. I had a 45 on me, didnt want to roll on the ground with a drunk idiot so I went inside. Saw him next pancake feed, offered to let him gtry his hand right there, they moved but I sure coulda shot the dog right there. Next time I just might, hate to do that to an animal wasnt taught right by its owner.....

Had 2 dogs run off when the fencer died, never to be seen again and shorthairsa like mine are not cheap. Last 2 are out of Dual Champ parents, cost a lot but perform like no other. Have 7 on my place and do my best to keep them there, cause I sure would hate to lose one to something silly or someone thats angry at em. I spent the money wired my place with the pet safes stubborn dog fenceing system. Keeps them in, no worries.
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