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1st off welcome to TFL
Now... whatcha hunting and when are you going?
Deer? Next week?
Reason I ask, I usually try to get new shooters to shoot a .22lr rifle at first to get the old sight picture, safety issues, etc down first. Nada on the recoil, cheap to feed, can be/should be fun to learn good habits and feel confident when shooting.

But .22lr sucks for deer...

How do they hunt? Still, stalk, drive, stands, etc? (You gotta ask FIL)

Carrying a heavy-ish rifle all day is not conducive to good accurate snap shots but OK if you're in a stand. Warning here, opinion forthcoming... some old school hunters tend to look askance at ARs for some reason... so take that for what its worth.

What type of distances and cover?

If it were me, in the woods, I'd opt for an older .30-30 with peep sight. (good thing you're not me huh?) Rock River seems to be quite accurate tho DPMS should do fine as well.

You'll never feel the recoil and probably not hear the shot, but wear ear and eye protection none the less when hunting.
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