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What sort of game are you going after?

Keep in mind that the LAR-8 VARMINT A4 weighs about 11 pounds which I consider a bit heavy for a rifle. If your going to be put up in a tree stand or sitting in a blind, its not out of the question but if you have to carry it and walk miles with its going to get a little weighty. Its probably a lot more expensive than you necessarily need to spend for an AR.

Have you ever shot a rifle before? If you haven't, practicing with a .308 is going to be expensive and its just a pretty big cartridge for someone that hasn't shot a rifle before. Consider spending a couple hundred dollars and getting yourself a Ruger 10/22 or a bolt action 22LR. You can buy 500 rounds for like 10-20 dollars and practice all day long. It will teach you to shoot better than a .308 will teach you to shoot. The principals are the same whether your shooting .22LR or .308 win. A .308 makes bad habits like flinching when you shoot more likely to happen than a.22LR. Everyone should own a .22LR to practice with.
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