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TomServo, the quality of VA care may not be on topic, but the integrity of the VA system should have some direct bearing.

From personal experience:

I am still a 0% disability veteran, despite back injuries requiring surgery, hearing loss, a torn achilles, and various other injuries incurred during active duty. The 0% is good, in a way - it means I am in the system, and can get my status changed later - and I have not missed the deadline (5 years) for getting into the system.

The reason I am still only a 0%, though (and this cost me $8000 in closing costs on a VA home mortgage that I should not have had to pay, were my disability rating reflective of my actual injuries) is that the VA hospital that was supposed to conduct my interview and review kept scheduling me for appointments during periods when I had told them I would be overseas. This happened three times. They also notified me by snail mail, though I told them I would be overseas and that email would be far more efficient.

Worse case than that, though - my dad's cousin was exposed to Agent Orange, because as it turns out the Army stowed it in barrels outside her barracks in the 60's when she was training as an Army medic. She has had Agent Orange related ailments for decades, now, but the VA only finally started treating her a couple years ago, and they still drag their heels.

On a similar note, the US government just recently admitted that Agent Orange was used in KOREA, and are only now starting to authorize medical procedures related to Agent Orange treatment for Korean War vets...

Last, look at the VA's record the past few years with regard to denying PTSD claims - to save money - which has earned the ire of Senator Patty Murray and the attention of the Senate, the House, and the media.

These are not people I'd want making determinations about me, for forwarding to the FBI.
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