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I'm older than I was...

That can be a factor that drives caliber preference.

I think what has been pushing me to smaller calibers is the reality of what I intend to use them for. For a long time I've been planning on getting an M1A. Why? Excellent barrier penetration, long range and I could hunt hogs and deer with it! Then I realized a 6.8 SPC would give me all of that to the degree I need.

One can get pretty far down into the SHTF fantasy land and justify a need for about every caliber. If you really step back from the interweb/prepped/SHTF obsessed crowd. You can better put into perspective what you are likely to need.

If I ever have the money to blow to go hunt elk of something big, I will also then have the money to buy a nice rifle in a suitable caliber. No sense in keeping some overkill gun for the fantasy hunt or zombie nightmare.

Unfortunately I can see the cost of ammo really start to force more people into shooting 22LR nearly exclusively.
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