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And trust me, .308 is a different animal out of a bolt gun than it is out of a semi auto. You will get just as much satisfaction (probably more) from a R700 in .308 than in any other caliber. The fun comes from learning the platform and learning how to shoot it better, not from the bigger blast and harsher recoil.
And that being said, I can tell you from experience that this is a very true statement. While blast and recoil will get the blood pumping, that won't make the shot. True to life, my 1000M go-to rifle is a Remington 700 chambered in 6MM Rem. NO recoil, not much in the way of blast. But I guarantee it delivers surgical hits on 1000M targets with more impact on-target than a .357 Mag at point-blank. It WILL penetrate a standard 2A vest at that range--both sides, and the wearer between. For a .243 caliber bullet at that distance, it speaks volumes. Learn your fundamentals first. Then make an educated decision on a magnum. You may just find that it's a waste of powder for less precision and performance.
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