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Originally Posted by shortwave
Have not read through all these posts
Originally Posted by shortwave
This is exactly right. Costas used the word(s) gun and guns. Not weapon.
You missed the part where it was determined, that Merriam-Webster, the Law, the hallowed halls of academia, various editors and writers, some of whom are in the highest percentiles of those who read and comprehend the english language, all agreed, that the words weapon and firearm, were synonymous. All weapons aren't firearms, but all firearms are weapons, all the time. Intent, use, etc have no bearing on their classification either.

It was also the consensus of those mentioned above, that it wasn't incorrect to consider ones listening audience, when using certain terms for firearms. Nothing requires an individual to use, or not use the term weapon, when and where they see fit. It is however incorrect, to not acknowledge, that all firearms and ammunition are weapons. Whether, they as an individual like the term, or use the term, matters not.

I certainly mean none of the above as offensive to anyone. Its not my opinion of the way things should be either, its just the facts. Read it in a calm relaxed tone too, because that was my mood when I wrote it.
"No free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms."- Thomas Jefferson
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