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Rangefinder, thanks for that correction, I was of the understanding that the M24s in use were chambered for .308 and .300 Win Mag. Learn something new everday

I don't really have any good reasoning for wanting .338. I have a ak chambered in .308 so I was wanting something in a different caliber and a bolt action. The Remington 700 was recommend to me by my cousin who was a NJ police officer. Thats kinda why I said i was open to suggestions, I don't really know much about these rifles so I'm open to anything.
With that being said, I know you don't want another .308, but it would be a heck of a better choice than a .338 LM.

If you are dead set against the .308, then maybe a .300 Win Mag. It is still a handful and expensive, but not as bad as a .338...

And trust me, .308 is a different animal out of a bolt gun than it is out of a semi auto. You will get just as much satisfaction (probably more) from a R700 in .308 than in any other (higher) caliber. The fun comes from learning the platform and learning how to shoot it better, not from the bigger blast and harsher recoil.

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