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One of several techniques (for training) that I've adopted is to publish a handout for the students. It's not detailed, but serves as a good tool for the student to either takes notes on (when appropriate) and can serve as a memory jog some where down the road.

Another is to shoot a quick, low round count skill assessment drill. I like the 5 shots at 5 yards in 5 seconds at a five inch circle on the timer. It breaks the ice as I do it first, then lets me see where the student is and finally gives me a repeatable drill to show the students at the end of the day that they have progressed.

To back up SFMedic and Raimius, I started reading a lot of books about Adult Learning Techniques. I find that Paul Howe's book (Leadership and Training for the Fight) fits in very well. I'm only about 1/2 way through, as I stopped and went back to take notes.
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