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Have not read through all these posts but, what's wrong with calling it what it is? Don't mean to sound disrespectful but, IMO, one of the biggest problems in this country today is all this 'political correctness' crap.

If I'm in a conversation with someone and the topic is about a SD situation or a killing(justified or not) in which a weapon was used , weapon, is a normal term used. Doesn't matter if the SD tool used is a firearm,knife,stick or for that matter hands/feet.
You can put a dress and makeup on a hog but it's still a hog.

If I'm talking to someone about going hunting, I don't refer to my choice of hunting tool as a weapon. I'll say bow,shotgun, BP rifle etc.

Bob Costas wouldn't call for a tool ban?
This is exactly right. Costas used the word(s) gun and guns. Not weapon.
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