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My gun mentor was the uncle of one of my best friends ! Art was Marine veteran that I met at age 10 (1962) . I was a natural rifleman from the get go and Art was proud of how well he had taught me to shoot . We used to go to .22 turkey shoots all around the state , and kick butt . A lot of grown men , many of them WWII vets did not appreciate how well I did with Art's 52 Winchester . Once they got to know me , and the fact that my dad was a decorated Marine vet (that never again touched a rifle of any kind) we were cool , and much fun was had . My dad did buy me a poor mans Model 52 (Mod 75) that shot almost as good as Art's 52 . The lord blessed me with 20-15 vision and that had much to do with shooting iron sighted .22s well . 52 years later I've still got the bug . The games have changed over the years , from shotguns to high powered rifles to metalic silloetts (sp) with revolvers !
I managed to qualify Expert with every weapon I touched in the Army !

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