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Book Recommendations?

As someone who has been carrying for a year now with no training other than spending (way to much) time on these forums what can you guys recommend from a professional point of view? Looking at some of Masaad Ayoobs stuff and wondering what would be best. I compete in IDPA, am a decent shot and am very comfortable as I have shot all my life. I have always had a HD pistol, but made the decision to carry last year after a friend of mine was murdered. I posted another thread about walking into my house after leaving the door open recently which could or could not leave one to vulnerabilities. In other words it got me rethinking the whole situation. I want to be the most responsible and prepared CCW holder I can be. What books are out that that address this kind of mentality? I am interested in formal training, but haven't look locally yet. I would like to get started by reading some stuff. Thanks.
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