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They are actors. In their world style triumphs over substance every time.
+1. Also, the last time I checked...
  • Pistols don't automatically make a "ka-CHIK" sound whenever they're drawn from a holster.
  • Guns must be aimed in order to hit things, even at close range.
  • It's really difficult to hit a man-sized target beyond contact distance while shooting from the hip.
  • High-powered rifles have stout recoil that requires shooter recovery, and the muzzle blast is painfully deafening when firing indoors without hearing protection.
  • Ammo is heavy. It's physically demanding to carry enough of it to sustain constant rapid fire for several minutes.
  • Even a physically fit 19-year-old soldier has difficulty running and bounding over obstacles while carrying a machine gun, several hundred rounds of ammo (see above), full body armor, and a pack containing a full complement of sleeping gear and food.
  • There's not an loud "whiff-POCK" sound when you punch someone.
  • Tires don't squeal on loose dirt or gravel roads.
  • Airplanes don't immediately assume a 45-degree nose-down attitude and make a screeching sound when the controls are released.
  • Auto accidents don't sound like breaking glass.
Hollywood fiction is... fiction.
"Smokey, this is not 'Nam. This is bowling. There are rules... MARK IT ZERO!!" - Walter Sobchak

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